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Introducing PayShepherd!

Project Recapture is excited to announce our new identity; PayShepherd. Read more about the change below!

“In life, change is inevitable. In business, change is vital.”

-Warren G Bennis

We have been operating this business under the Project Recapture brand since our initial launch in January, 2018. As Project Recapture has continued to grow over the past three years, we felt that it was only appropriate that our brand change and grow with us, and our customers. With that, we are extremely excited to announce that Project Recapture will now be operating under a new brand; PayShepherd.

So, why PayShepherd?

To ‘shepherd’ means to guide or direct in a particular direction. We make the contracted services billing process more transparent and accurate for all parties at industrial facilities by directing all the information to one place. We give financial teams a way to improve their facility’s results, and improve the bottom line without interrupting their processes. We allow busy operations teams to spend time where they’re most effective, not looking for a ‘penny in a copper mine’. We foster trust between facilities and contractors by identifying billing mistakes as they happen, reducing conflict and miscommunication. We aim to help contractors realize faster payment and reliable cash flow, less friction between facilities and contractors, and happier professional relationships.

In short, we help to manage contractor billing by ensuring that a facility is billed the right amount every time, and avoid overages that can add up over time. PayShepherd improves communication and relationships between facilities, ensuring pay is fair and accurate for everybody. We are truly Blue collar friendly, and White collar savvy.

While our name may have changed, we can assure you that the quality of our team, service and product have not and we look forward to assisting your facilities contract billing needs under this new brand!

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