Get billing right the first time, every time.

PayShepherd helps you manage your contractor billing. We ensure that your facility is billed the right amount every time, avoiding overages that can cost you serious money over time. PayShepherd improves communication between facilities and contractors, ensuring pay is fair and accurate for everyone.


Our Technology

Say goodbye to manual billing review and welcome the digital revolution.

Reduce Maintenance Spend

Our technology empowers your team to protect the asset's bottom line. We do this by removing billing errors and over billing from your contractors.

Stop Looking for Anomalies

Stop searching hundreds of bills looking for mistakes, we will present them to your approvers, they will address the ones that need it.

Information Rich

When billing goes digital, you can now leverage all the incredible insights from our dashboards. Insights that will help tell the story & support contracting strategies.

Save Time

When carefully reviewing contractor timesheets, the average approver can spend up to 3 hours per day. We will help you get through the billing in a tenth the time and let you get back to more meaningful work.

Real Time Spend

Don't wait for your contractor cost reports and invoices to measure your spend. Let us support your management efforts in real time.

Measure Your Team

When you provide the data that your team needs to make the best possible decision, they will. Start seeing the behaviour in managing cost change overnight.



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