By heavy industry leaders, for heavy industry leaders

Most of us have been in your shoes. Literally. On the ground, balancing project management, buried under manual paperwork and payment processes.

Our founders knew there was a better way. So, they built it.

Our mission

We believe contractor relationships are the core of industrial success. Yet for too long, a lack of quality data has left people exposed. Risk is off the charts and performance is not rewarded. An ancient, paper-heavy process is to blame.

As a result, hundreds of billions of $$$ per year is wasted and countless relationships ruined forever. PayShepherd’s vendor relationship management (VRM) solution is revolutionising the path towards contractor management excellence.

Establish a foundation of accountability, alignment, and common language that leaves risk, surprise, and uncertainty where they belong–in the past.

A story from our CEO

“Working on both sides of the facility-contractor relationship, I became well-acquainted with the convoluted dance of paperwork. One day, I sent by mistake a jaw dropping $250,000 invoice to my client… twice. Thankfully, someone at the corporate level finally caught it, but it called into question the integrity of our relationship.

This error was a wake-up call. 

It highlighted not just invoicing issues, but how this outdated, paper-laden workflows clouded visibility, compromised safety, and created a chasm between what contractors and industrial facilities expected of each other. 

Jenn and I knew we could find the way to productize and systematize everything we knew from our decades’ combined experience in the field. We would build it into a product so we could identify these issues in real-time, surface them for early discussion and use it as an insurance policy against a damaged relationship. 

PayShepherd is not just a tech platform, but a manifestation of our vision to bring an unprecedented level of transparency and harmony to our industry. Born out of a mistake that almost cost me a key relationship, PayShepherd has become a beacon of trust for industrial facilities. We shine a light on hidden opportunities and manage all areas of contractor performance, all while ensuring streamlined workflows. As I look back, I see that near-disastrous mistake not as a stumbling block, but as the stepping stone to a better way forward."

Wesley Sessenwein

“PayShepherd is a manifestation of our vision to bring an unprecedented level of transparency and harmony to our industry.”

Wesley Sessenwein

CEO, PayShepherd