Heavy industry is experiencing a shift.

Employees account for 58% of your workforce spend. It’s time to pay attention to the other 42%.

Sounds familiar?

“I’ve done my best to secure decent contracts, but I know contractors are not complying, especially not at the individual worker level. Tracking at that level is not possible.”

“How can I win a dispute when it’s their word against mine, and I didn’t actually see what happened?”

“Budget overruns happen. It’s not my fault if everyone else isn’t doing what they’re supposed to.”

“I understand it’s not always intended, but I know our gate activity and reporting are off. It’s costing us money and compromising worker safety, but it’s all part and parcel of the project.”

Your contractor management process is leaking. We fix it.

ERPs and procurement systems have a devastating deficiency that leaks service vendor value: how the execution of work is measured. We do not replace your ERP, we augment it.

How do we fix your process leak?


Centralize and digitize all contractor submissions

Submissions on labor, equipment, materials and subcontractors costs are digitized and centralized in the PayShepherd solution.


Automate the verification of data for 100% accuracy and compliance

All contractor submissions are automatically verified against contract terms, gate entries, Work Orders, and Purchase Orders. High quality data is the fertile ground for contractor management excellence.


Turn data into insights

Get true visibility into your external workforce for strategic decision making and improved performance. PayShepherd’s proprietary Vendor Relationship Management Model has 6 building blocks.

Spend Management

Work strategically when it comes to spend monitoring and forecasting

  • Eliminate overbilling, duplicate billing and inaccurate round-ups & mark-ups
  • Predict cost overruns and act accordingly
  • Free up cash by closing POs faster
  • Resolve potential disputes early before they escalate
  • Say goodbye to surprise invoices

Ethics & Compliance

Enforce contract terms with confidence

  • Eliminate all spend without PO
  • Get full value of your contracts, such as quick pay and volume discounts
  • Free up cash by closing POs faster
  • Monitor agreed upon rates vs market rates
  • Correct gate integrity issues, LOA & OT anomalies

Health, Safety & Security

Guard the wellbeing of all workers

  • Monitor fatigue before it’s too late
  • Control the direct to indirect ratio for maximum safety
  • Ensure every single worker on site uses the gate
  • Get detailed TRIF reporting

Crew Management

Foster a culture of trust and transparency

  • Monitor that workers work on the right POs
  • Monitor the respect of schedules
  • Monitor that each worker has the right expertise
  • Monitor planned vs actual labor


Enrich your workplace and meet environmental objectives

  • Monitor the % of local workers VS non-local workers
  • Monitor vendor diversity
  • Monitor local communities integration
  • Monitor the types of equipment and materials being used

Process Hygiene

Streamline your processes and take control of your operations

  • Monitor the response rate to questions and correction requests
  • Monitor the average invoice time after completion of work
  • Monitor the frequency of vendor submissions
  • Get non-conformance reports


Turn insights into action

Create automated alerts so you're notified when risks or opportunities arise across your operations.

Begin your transformation to vendor management excellence.