Success story

Strengthened Contractor Performance:
Mercer Celgar's Journey to Digitalization with PayShepherd

The wins

  • $1,200,000 in annual hard savings for this one facility
  • Increased safety with 73% improvement of presence confirmation security
  • Fully streamlined and digitized contractor management processes

The challenge

Mercer Celgar depends on its contracted workforce of up to 1,000 workers onsite to uphold reliable production, preventative maintenance, reliability work and capital projects.

Without a unified system clarifying and bringing control to the PO process, as well as monitoring contract term compliance, Celgar’s 40 requisitioners and accounting team were challenged to ensure they paid their contractors precisely what they were owed, in a timely fashion.

The solution

Mercer Celgar uses PayShepherd to align on contractor expectations, monitor performance and streamline processes from work validation to payment.

Contractor billing accuracy increased, $1.2M in contractor overspend was eliminated and safety was enhanced. The ability to pay contractors on time and the holistic clarity on how contractor performance is measured has strengthened vendor relationships for better business outcomes.

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“It’s about vendor relationships and partnerships between Mercer and our contractors. Getting paid on time is a huge benefit for contractors and it’s a big criteria for picking customers.”

Stefan Duda

VP Procurement at Mercer

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