Get maximum value from your external workforce

Stop all value erosion from service contracts and eliminate the need for manual performance monitoring.

“Our cost and contract compliance has drastically improved with PayShepherd. We were able to use this information for future negotiations and process improvements.”

Stefan Duda

VP Procurement at Mercer

Get answers in minutes, not months.

Are all contract terms being applied on the field?

Can we easily view and evaluate spend per vendor and per PO?

Can I get a complete list of all workers that were present on our site yesterday?

Do we have all of the data and tools we need readily available in the event of vendor disputes or audits?

Why Procurement leaders use PayShepherd

Get full control of indirect spend

Reduce the risk of unauthorized spending and cost overruns by streamlining the approval workflow and gaining full visibility on service vendor spend.

Achieve 100% compliance

Stop policing. Start empowering. PayShepherd intelligence continuously verifies contract compliance, stopping potential issues in their tracks for an accountable workplace culture.

Guard the wellbeing of all workers

Monitor fatigue management, optimize supervision, and eliminate all ghost workers at your facility for a safer work environment.

Unlock local integration and environmental success

Your facility’s success depends on meeting the ever-growing demands for integration and sustainability objectives. Monitor closely how your service vendors perform against your ESG goals.

“With contractors, we're having more proactive conversations about long term service agreements rather than fighting over what went wrong. At the end of the day, the least amount of disputes and the smoother jobs roll or get completed is how I consider success.”

Brent Rohn

Technical Buyer, Services at Mercer Celgar

Success story

Mercer Celgar's Journey to Digitalization with PayShepherd

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Stay in control with real-time performance data, ensuring contract compliance and preventing surprise invoices. With Payshepherd, you'll unlock actionable insights, driving efficiency and cost savings for your organization.