A single platform to manage all your contractors

Achieve new efficiency heights in your maintenance and repair projects.

“PayShepherd allows you to challenge billing anomalies, heightening contractor awareness to a new level of visibility and control of cost. The result is a culture change and it’s a game changer.”

Dan Novak

Maintenance & Engineering Manager at Mercer Peace River

Get answers in minutes, not months.

Are we able to understand exactly where our project stands daily and be able to forecast accuracy?

Is my maintenance budget at risk of exceeding the planned budget?

Can I get a complete list of all workers that were present on our site yesterday?

Are vendor resources correctly allocated according to contract terms?

Why maintanance managers use PayShepherd

Predict budget overruns

Come in on-budget (or under!) with accurate, real-time vendor spend reporting, early intervention and data-driven forecasting.

Automate contractor cost submission approvals

Give your team precious time back by automating the approval process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in managing contractor spend.

Monitor fatigue and gate access

Sleep better knowing nobody’s been hurt on your watch. Set automated alerts for potential health, safety and security threats such as fatigue, supervisor ratios and gate integrity.

Keep crews accountable to contract terms

Ensure crews work on the right POs at the right time. Optimize resource allocation for maximum project outcomes.

“With the high volume of work orders, gates, and contracts we manage daily, it is critical that we have an efficient and reliable system. With PayShepherd, we have confidence that our time tracking and rates are accurate and that our vendor invoicing is being reconciled automatically, with fewer errors or manual support.”

Andy Coulas

Maintenance Planner at Mercer Peace River

Success story

Mercer Celgar's Journey to Digitalization with PayShepherd

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Stay in control with real-time performance data, ensuring contract compliance and preventing surprise invoices. With Payshepherd, you'll unlock actionable insights, driving efficiency and cost savings for your organization.