Everybody loves a surprise, until it’s an invoice

Enjoy the comfort of 100% accuracy on all accrual reports. Leave manual spot checks and surprise contractor invoices where they belong - in the past.

“This is a cost saving tool. Last year we saved over a million dollars in vendor overspend. As someone who works with budgets and financials, this is huge. That million dollars can be spent somewhere else.”

Michele DeRosa

Accountant at Mercer Celgar

Get answers in minutes, not months.

How much should I accrue this month?

Can I pay this invoice with confidence knowing all the backup is accurate and approved?

Do we have all of the data and tools readily available to reconcile vendor disputes or audits?

Do contractor invoices match hours worked across PO, WO, project and worksite?

Why controllers use PayShepherd

Get a daily and accurate view of incurred costs

PayShepherd is your centralized data center for all contractor submissions.  Every line item is auto-verified against contract terms, PO details and gate entries.

End the invoice verification chase

Be confident you’re paying exactly what’s owed. PayShepherd’s stamp of approval confirms invoices have been verified as accurate and compliant.

Free up cash

Accelerate your purchase order closure process, allowing you to optimize cash flow and allocate funds more efficiently.

Automate cost reconciliation

Say goodbye to manual data entry and tedious reconciliations. Our platform streamlines the process, saving you time and reducing the risk of human error.

“The value comes in the verification of highlighting our terms and our rates at a level that you can't do manually. I'd need an army of accountants to review this, where PayShepherd can do it in seconds.”

Jerret Dyck

Financial Planning & Analysis Manager at West Fraser

Success story

Mercer Celgar's Journey to Digitalization with PayShepherd

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Ready to get closer to your contractors?

Stay in control with real-time performance data, ensuring contract compliance and preventing surprise invoices. With PayShepherd, you'll unlock actionable insights, driving efficiency and cost savings for your organization.